are aprilia motorcycles reliable

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Aprilias are a more hands on owner experience than most bikes. Not because they are particularlyunreliablebut because there is poor dealer support (except for AF1), long part lead times, poor communication from HQ to the dealer network, etc. The only reason I knew about the recalls was because of this forum.

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  • What are the most reliable motorcycle brands?

  • The CB500 is the company鈥檚 most famous bike to date. Suzuki is also a Japanese brand that was founded in the year 1909. Suzuki started the production of motorbikes in the year 1952. The brand strength has continued to evolve, making Suzuki be among the most reliable motorcycle brand in MotoGP.

  • What makes the Aprilia RS 660 so special?

  • Aprilia鈥檚 RS 660 the perfect to step up the sportsbike ladder for newer riders, not to mention for the rest of us who still want the thrills without the aches and pains New electronic suspension delivers hlins goodness in all conditions and is the cherry on top of over a decade of development

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  • After the first model, the company has been making motorbikes during world war one to date. The brand has gained a global reputation. However, despite the better performance, 40% of BMW bikes have been known to be prone to repair issues within the first four years. 6. Ducati

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  • While they make every type of bike, their most iconic models are the GSX-R and Hayabusa, two high-performance sport bikes. Even these two enjoy reputations as relatively reliable bikes. 4. Kawasaki Kawasaki is just a bit less reliable than its other three Japanese counterparts.