are new motorcycle tires slippery

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  • Why do new tyres have a glossy surface?

  • It seems strange that new tyres have a glossy surface, but there may be a few reasons for this. Manufacturers used to use a slippery chemical called a mould release agent to get the rubber tyres to release cleanly from the mould. However, modern moulds have teflon coatings that obviate the need for a release agent.

  • Do you need to lean your bike over to warm up tyres?

  • Despite the fact that most racers weave around on warmed-up tyres, you actually don鈥檛 need to lean the bike over on to the new and glossy surface to heat up that part of the tyre. Acceleration and braking is more effective as it puts stress on the tyre carcass which heats up the whole tyre, not just the bit touching the road.

  • Is it safe to use chemical wipes to clean tyres?

  • It is also a bit risky using any chemical solution on a tyre as you do not know if it will be applied evenly and how it will react with the tyre. A wipe with a dry cloth is fine. Notice that race bikes leave the pits with shiny new tyres that have not been belt-sanded or washed with any chemicals.

  • Should I wash or sand my tyres?

  • But tyre manufacturers do not recommend washing or sanding your tyres. They go to great lengths to design and engineer tyre treads, so the last thing you should do is attack the tread surface with a belt sander!