are new motorcycle tires slippery

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  • Why are my new bike tyres slippery?

  • Because of a brand new tyre鈥檚 slippery properties, they need to be 鈥榮crubbed in鈥?when they are first fitted to your bike. The best way to get rid of the gloss on new tyres is to heat them up and to do that, they really need to be ridden.

  • What are the best motorcycle tires for grip?

  • #1 Best Motorcycle Tires for Grip: Continental Road Attack III #2 Best Sport Touring Tire 鈥?Metzeler Roadtec 01 SE #3 Best Cruiser Tire 鈥?Michelin Commander III #4 Best Sport Tire 鈥?Metzeler Sportec M9 RR #5 Best Dual Sport Tire 鈥?Dunlop Trailmax Mission #6 Best Off-Road Adventure Tire 鈥?Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41

  • Do new motorcycle tires perform better over their life?

  • New motorcycle tires will perform better over their life if you break them in gently. It doesn鈥檛 take long, but you should try to avoid aggressive riding or braking for the first 100 miles. There are a bunch of numbers on the sidewall of your tire to tell you the size.

  • What makes a good tire for a sports bike?

  • Yet, when it comes to sports bikes, tire manufacturers have their hands full. Tires need extra grip and excellent wet weather ability, and with sports bikes all fitted with electronic rider aids, the bar is considerably raised. This category is yet another win for Metzeler with the Sportec M9 RR.