are ruroc motorcycle helmets worth it

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  • Can you wear goggles with a ruroc helmet?

  • So my Ruroc helmet is reserved for warmer days and those without windy conditions. And before you ask, yes, I had the goggles synced with the helmet and the mask perfectly; this was something I practised and perfected indoors before ski season even started.

  • What is ruroc鈥檚 Rheon?

  • To meet the ever-stricter certification, Ruroc are the first to use the super-polymer Rheon in a motorcycle helmet. This helps to reduce the rotational impact forces which is being addressed by the manufacturers in various ways.

  • Is ruroc safe to use?

  • Of course, Ruroc have done their testing and it is safe and secure but it does take some getting used to and for you mind to trust it. The field of view is excellent for those that have good vision. Unfortunately, I wear spectacles when riding so my FOV is limited by my glasses and their frames.

  • Do you really need to replace your helmet after a crash?

  • This means that if you鈥檙e in a crash, your replacement helmet is 50 per cent off. Remember: even if your helmet doesn鈥檛 look like it鈥檚 been impacted, you really need to replace it after a collision. As seen in Mont-Tremblant!