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  • What is the ruroc Berserker motorcycle helmet?

  • In the middle of 2020, Ruroc introduced the BERSERKER streetfighter style motorcycle helmet. Off-road styling met street performance with an aggressive and aero-dynamic safety-certified carbon-fibre shell. The BERSERKER helmet has grown popular for its non-conventional and non-conforming style.

  • What happened to the ruroc rg1-dx helmet?

  • The RG1-DX is no longer the only available helmet on the Ruroc roster. On February 27th 2019, Ruroc dropped the ATLAS motorcycle helmet on the world. The ATLAS helmet quickly gained popularity in the world of moto, with its instantly recognisable style and the lightweight solidity of carbon-fibre.

  • Can you wear goggles with a ruroc helmet?

  • So my Ruroc helmet is reserved for warmer days and those without windy conditions. And before you ask, yes, I had the goggles synced with the helmet and the mask perfectly; this was something I practised and perfected indoors before ski season even started.

  • What is ruroc Lite Ski/Snowboard helmet?

  • Less than three months later, Ruroc launched the LITE Ski/Snowboard range. An open-face, pro-performance helmet tried and tested by some of the world鈥檚 greatest snow athletes; including Max Parrot, Tanner Hall, LJ Strenio and more. One thing is certain, the LITE helmet is a light helmet that is heavy on high-tech features.