can you bend motorcycle handlebars

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  • Can you add custom handlebars to a motorcycle?

  • One of the most common changes you can make for your motorcycle is adding a set of custom motorcycle handlebars. Getting the right set of motorcycle handlebars on your bike not only can improve the comfort of your ride, but it can also improve how well you can ride the bike.

  • What should I do if my handlebar falls on my motorcycle?

  • I managed to fall with my motorcycle so that the handlebar ended up being quite much out of align with the front wheel. First step (if the location of the damage is not obvious) is to release and examine fork tubes.

  • What is the standard size of a bicycle handlebar?

  • The first one is the bar diameter. The most common handlebar diameter is 1鈥? Some older metric bikes have a handlebar diameter of 7/8鈥? but 1鈥?bars are pretty much the standard after 1990. There are thicker diameter handlebars on the market such as 1 1/4鈥?handlebars, but keep in mind these handlebars usually have a 1鈥?clamping area.

  • How do I center the bars on my bike?

  • Put the bars back into the clamps and put the bolts back in but keep them loose. If you have fairly straight bars you can simply measure from each of the bar ends, inward, to get your bars centered.