can you have headphones in while riding motorcycle

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  • Is it safe to ride a motorcycle with headphones in one ear?

  • It is safer to ride without the distraction of music. In California, and in many other states, it is illegal to drive or ride a bicycle with headphones in BOTH ears, however it is legal to use a headphone, or ear bud, in one ear. This includes motorcycles.

  • What kind of headphones should you use with a motorcycle helmet?

  • Bluetooth headphones are a great option to take phone calls while riding. A half helmet is better to wear earbuds and motorcycle helmets that are fully covered require in ear headphones.

  • Can you wear headphones while riding a bike in NSW?

  • The reason it鈥檚 difficult to find a clear answer on this is because headphones aren鈥檛 mentioned anywhere in NSW鈥檚 road rules; or any other state鈥檚 as far as we can tell. The good news is that using earphones while riding your bike is not prohibited in Australia.

  • Is it safe to ride with earbuds while driving?

  • Riding with certain types of earbuds may benefit you behind the wheel. It may be safer to have your GPS issue instructions directly into your ear so you can hear what it鈥檚 saying over the sound of your engine. This is usually safer and more convenient than having to pull over and check the map every time you need to make a turn.