can you ride a motorcycle after knee replacement

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  • When can I Ride a bike after knee replacement?

  • When 90 of knee flexion has been reached, you will be able to pedal fully on a bike, with the OK from your doctor or physical therapist. Initially, it may be easier to pedal backward rather than forwards. This is common after total knee replacement. What is a good range of motion after knee replacement?

  • Is riding a bike good for knee pain?

  • Riding a bicycle is a form of cardiovascular exercise, which aids in weight control. Biking also helps restore endurance, which is typically negatively affected by surgery. Since excess body weight can put extra stress on the knees when standing or walking, maintaining a healthy weight through bike riding can be beneficial.

  • Can I drive a car after total knee replacement?

  • If you are having total knee replacement you may be thinking about riding in a car and driving a car post-surgery. Know this: You will definitely need somebody to drive you home from the hospital.

  • Can I run after total knee replacement?

  • For those of you who have run all of your life and want to run again it may be the reason you had TKR. My doctor advised me that even though I would be able to jog, he would not recommend it ( me walking two weeks after knee replacement ). 2.