can you trade in a financed motorcycle for a car

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You cantrade your motorcycle for a car. Many people find that their needs change and need to trade one equitable machine for another. You can trade privately or even with a dealer.

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  • Should you sell your motorcycle before you鈥檝e paid off your finance?

  • When you purchase a new bike, you鈥檒l be feeling chuffed to bits that you managed to afford your dream wheels with the help of a little motorcycle finance. But, if you want to sell your beloved bike before you have finished making all of the repayments on it, your mood may change when you discover how much of a hassle it can be.

  • Should you buy a car or a motorcycle?

  • This shouldn’t come as a surprise鈥攊n both cases, you are buying a vehicle to get you around. Whether you’re buying a car or a motorcycle, the purchase is likely to be an expensive one. Also, in both cases, the lender will check your credit.

  • Do motorcycle dealerships offer financing?

  • Almost all motorcycle dealerships offer financing options to their customers. They may be the most willing to work with you, since they may be eager to make a sale, but don’t expect the best rates. Take extra precautions while reading the terms of your loan agreement.

  • How can I Sell my motorbike for £7000 cash?

  • You could take out a new loan for 4,000 from a reputable lender like AA Loans and pay off the 4,000 of finance you owe to Mr Motorbike Finance Ltd. The bike is now yours to sell and once you sell it, you have 7,000 cash in hand.