do i need to balance motorcycle tires

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  • What to do when your motorcycle tire is out of balance?

  • When your tire is out of balanced, you need to take it for a tune-up of your wheels. Tire balancing ensures that the weight is distributed evenly. Here are things you should know on how to tell if motorcycle tire is out of balance:

  • What are balanced motorcycle tires?

  • Balanced tires have a uniform distribution of weights of the wheel and tire around the axle. When you鈥檙e driving on the road, the weight distribution is shifting and as you keep using your motorcycle with the same set of tires, the shifts of weight add up causing tires to go out of balance.

  • What happens if you don鈥檛 balance motorcycle wheels?

  • A set of unbalance wheel will affect the motorcycle鈥檚 performance and might lead to an accident when neglected. Keeping your motorcycle tires balanced will also help keep them longer. Unbalance increases the damage to motorcycle tires through easy wear and tear.

  • How are tires balanced when buying new tires?

  • Most of the balancing done when you purchase a new tire will be done with metal weights. These weights are different sizes depending on how much each one weighs and is attached to the wheel rim.