do motorcycle frames come with titles

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  • Do you need a title for an old motorcycle?

  • Some states don鈥檛 require titles for older motorcycles. In those cases, a bill of sale, an old registration document, or a special form will serve as proof of ownership. First, as with any private vehicle purchase, you鈥檒l want to be positive that you鈥檙e not purchasing something that鈥檚 stolen.

  • How do I get a title and registration for my motorcycle?

  • The general process for getting a title and registration for your motorcycle involves: Checking the title transfer and registration requirements. Checking the equipment and inspection requirements. Checking the VIN inspection requirements for out of state motorcycles. Seeing what documents you鈥檒l need to get notarized.

  • Can you buy a vintage project motorcycle without a title?

  • If you purchase an vintage project motorcycle without a title, you should at definitely ask for a bill of sale. Ask if the owner has any other documents that may help your case if things get difficult: old registration, insurance policy, etc.

  • Is it legal to title a bike to the engine?

  • The builder then incorrectly titles the bike to the engine (because they stuffed it into a frame with no numbers, and it鈥檚 not technically legal in that configuration). In some states, it鈥檚 totally possible (but not legal) to title a bike this way.