do motorcycles have fuel pumps

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  • How do motorcycle fuel pumps work?

  • Mechanical fuel pumps are usually found in older motorcycles that come with a carburetor. As a rule, they are mounted on the engine and driven by the camshaft or a distributor shaft. They use some kind of vacuum to pull fuel and then transfer it to the carburetor. These pumps usually feature a rubber diaphragm that is actuated by a lever.

  • What are the different types of fuel pumps on motorcycles?

  • There are two types of fuel pumps on motorcycle engines: vacuum and electrical. While these are not normally interchangeable, there are ways to upgrade a vacuum pump to an electrical pump. Both perform the required function for the specific design of the engine.

  • Do motorcycles have vacuum pumps?

  • On modern motorcycles, an electric fuel pump is required to create the pressure required for fuel injection. A vacuum pump works a little differently than it might seem. Engine vacuum is used to operate a fuel pump by pulsing a diaphragm as described above.

  • What goes wrong with motorcycle fuel pumps?

  • (A PCV system on a car pulls a SLIGHT vacuum in the crankcase to combust the blowby gasses, oil fumes, etc) A bike may have a PVC system or a breather. So what goes wrong with motorcycle fuel pumps. Mostly, the rubber diaphragm in the pump gets a tear.