do motorcycles hold their value

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  • Which motorcycles hold their value best?

  • Which motorcycles hold their value best? When you buy a new motorcycle, it鈥檚 always in the back of your mind how much value it will retain when 鈥?not if 鈥?it comes time to buy your next bike. The good news is that if you are into cruisers, sports bikes, Harley-Davidsons, BMWs or Japanese bikes, you are in luck.

  • Why do Harley-Davidson bikes hold their value?

  • Harley-Davidson Australia marketing boss Adam Wright says the bikes hold their value because they are made in America. 鈥淭oday鈥檚 consumers see these products as being a solidly engineered and well-built motorcycle that represents American values of freedom and adventure,鈥?he says.

  • What will my motorcycle’s value be in 10 years?

  • Chances are it already has a few scratches and dings on it anyway from the normal wear and tear. A good rule of thumb that I use to predict a new motorcycle鈥檚 value in 10 years is to multiply the MSRP (manufacturer鈥檚 suggested retail price, or the price it was sold as brand new) by .55 for the high value and .46 for the low value.

  • Is buying a vintage motorcycle a good investment?

  • Motorcycle enthusiasts favor handcrafted bikes which are manufactured in a limited edition and are sought after worldwide. Vintage bikes, steel racing and track bikes have their own fanbase as it becomes a huge asset for a bike enthusiast or not. Even with less expensive vintage bikes, you can make low returns.