do you need to use the clutch on a motorcycle

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  • Do you need a clutch on a dirt bike transmission?

  • For some reason, many people think that dirt bike transmissions are like cars transmissions and say you need to use the clutch to shift, otherwise it will destroy the gears. This is not true, as dirt bikes have a constant-mesh transmission. This allows you to shift up or down through the gears without the need for the clutch.

  • Do motorcycle clutches have a purpose?

  • A motorcycle clutch has a purpose, and should be used whenever possible. There are going to be two conditions that we will look at. One is what happens inside the transmission under low rpm, and what happens under high rpm. The tachometer measures the rotational speed of the motorcycle.

  • How to shift a motorcycle without a clutch?

  • The key to shifting without the clutch is smooth steady movements, and little hesitations. To outline the process quickly, you need to make sure that your motorcycle is into the high rev range, and right when you feel like it needs to shift, release throttle tension, and use your foot to place the transmission into the next gear.

  • Should you pull the clutch when braking on a motorcycle?

  • If riders face an emergency, press the brake and pull the clutch together at the same time. Honestly speaking, pulling the clutch when braking ultimately depends on the front situations and types of braking while riding on a motorcycle. During riding, a rider faces various problems where he/she needs to react differently.