do you winterize a motorcycle

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  • How do you clean a motorcycle in the winter?

  • Clean your motorcycle with soap and water Be sure to use automotive-specific soap, like this one at Walmart, instead of traditional hand soap or dishwashing soap, which will leave a residue behind and can cause corrosion and buildup over the winter.

  • Do you winterize your motorcycle for the off season?

  • However, many other things can accelerate the wear on your motorcycle if you don鈥檛 take care of them before an extended hibernation. Unfortunately, many riders don鈥檛 winterize their bikes for the off season and are greeted with an ugly surprise come springtime. Sealed containers such as gas tanks form their own internal micro-climates.

  • Do you need to winterize your motorcycle carburetors?

  • Although carburetors are seldom found on new motorcycles these days, there are still enough carbureted bikes out there in the wild that including them in any winterization list is still quite necessary. While owners of fuel-injected bikes don鈥檛 have to worry, carburetors can gum up over the winter if they aren鈥檛 drained.

  • How do you winterize a bike after a wash?

  • Pro Tip: To really seal the winterizing deal and get an A+, add a coat of wax after the wash, which will act as a barrier against moisture and rust and then spray all the exposed metal with WD-40 to wick away all moisture and to give your bike a protective coating against corrosion.