does les schwab do motorcycles

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  • Does Les Schwab do oil changes?

  • Les Schwab typically focuses on services that extend the life of your tires and wheels. However, a handful of Les Schwab locations do offer oil changes. Check with your local Les Schwab Tire Center for more information. What kinds of repairs does Les Schwab do?

  • What kind of tires does Les Schwab sell?

  • Les Schwab provides tires and services for nearly all passenger and light truck vehicles and some RVs and trailers. We offer a variety of specialty tires such as ATVs, wheelbarrows, and more. Many locations offer services for commercial vehicles, fleets, and farm equipment as well.

  • How many service trucks does Les Schwab have?

  • We have a fleet of over 1,500 service trucks for on-site service to support your needs. As the West鈥檚 largest independent tire company, we stand behind the quality of our products and workmanship with the best warranties in the business. Take advantage of a great sale by using Les Schwab Credit to help you budget your purchase.

  • Does Les Schwab do shocks and struts?

  • Your vehicle鈥檚 suspension system, including shocks and struts, is great at that job when every part is working properly. The Les Schwab team offers free inspections of all of your vehicle鈥檚 suspension system components. Learn the benefits of proper alignment and suspension maintenance.