does motorcycle insurance cover theft

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  • What do you need to know about motorcycle theft insurance?

  • Motorcycle Theft Coverage. The claims process for a motorcycle theft is very similar to a stolen car. First, you need to determine if you have purchased comprehensive coverage on your motorcycle insurance policy. Comprehensive is the coverage purchased for when your motorcycle is in storage to protect against this exact scenario, theft.

  • Does renters insurance cover stolen motorcycles?

  • However, homeowners and renters insurance might cover the theft of motorcycle-related items stolen from your home or apartment, such as riding gloves or a helmet. Check your policy to determine what’s covered. My motorcycle was stolen.

  • What is motorcycle insurance and what does it cover?

  • Comprehensive coverage helps pay to replace your bike if it鈥檚 stolen. This coverage is optional on motorcycle policies, but likely required if you have a loan. Comprehensive also covers damage from vandalism, fire, weather and animals. Special coverage is available for classic bikes that may go up in value.

  • What happens if my motorcycle is stolen?

  • If your motorcycle is stolen, your policy’s comprehensive coverage can pay for a new bike, minus your deductible. Comprehensive can also cover repairs to your bike if it was stolen and then recovered with damages. While comprehensive coverage is not required by your state, most lenders will require it if your bike is financed or leased.