how a carburetor works motorcycle

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Venturi effect

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  • How does a carburetor work?

  • The vacuum moves around the carb and gas is pulled through different jets and is vaporized as it is pulled into the combustion chamber. Different jets and air passages in the carb are controlled by different throttle positions. At certain throttle positions, some of the systems will overlap.

  • How does a motorcycle engine work?

  • From there, it is pulled into the carburetor. This air/fuel mixture is injected into the cylinder where the spark plug is located. The spark plugs ignite the mixture, push the pistons down and spin the crankshaft, which makes the motor run.

  • What controls the fuel level in a motorcycle carburetor?

  • The fuel levels in your motorcycle鈥檚 carbs are controlled by the floats and the float valve/needle seat. Carb floats are made of material that floats in gas.

  • How does the idle on a carburetor work?

  • The idle circuit consists of an idle jet, a screw that adjust the air mixture, and a screw that adjust the idle position. Channels in the carb run from the idle jets and air screws and exit just in front of the throttle plate. As the vacuum increases, the control moves to the needle jet.