how big are motorcycle wheels

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  • What are motorcycle wheels and rims?

  • Motorcycle Rims Wheels Motorcycle wheels and rims come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate all of the different styles of bikes and riding. Unlike many other aftermarket upgrades that add performance, aftermarket wheels are almost purely a style upgrade.

  • Are the two wheels on a motorcycle different sizes?

  • Whether you own a motorcycle or are simply just curious as you look at a motorcycle on the road, you may have noticed that the two wheels on a motorcycle are different sizes. Most of the time, you鈥檒l see motorcycles with taller and thinner front tires with shorter and wider back tires.

  • What is the wheelbase of a motorcycle?

  • Simply put, the wheelbase of a motorcycle is the distance between its wheels. More precisely, the wheelbase is the measurement between the two points where the wheels touch the ground. (It鈥檚 nearly the same as the distance between the front and rear axle.) The majority of motorcycles have a wheelbase of 52-67 inches.

  • How to read motorcycle tire sizes?

  • Inner tubes are common, though tires are also run without tubes on many modern motorcycles with mag wheels. How to Read Motorcycle Tire Sizes? B – Aspect Ratio. The smaller the number the lower profile of the tire. In metric this is a ratio between height and width. ex. A 170/80 means the width is 170mm, and the height would be 80% of that. )