how do i apply for a motorcycle license

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All motorbike license applicants mustcomplete a BRCthrough a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) approved provider in the state. You must be a minimum of 16 years of age and have at least a learner鈥檚 license before you can enroll.

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  • How do I get a class M (motorcycle) license?

  • To get a Class M (Motorcycle) license, an individual must pass a basic motorcycle knowledge test and apply for a Class M learner’s permit.

  • How do I get a motorcycle license in PA?

  • Obtain an Application for a Motorcycle Learner’s Permit (DL-5) (PDF) and the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Operator’s Manual (PDF). Step 2: You will be given a vision screening test and are required to pass the motorcycle knowledge test. Upon successful completion, you will be given the learner’s permit.

  • How do I get a California motorcycle permit?

  • To get a California motorcycle permit, you must: Be at least 16 years old. Already have a CA driver’s license. Submit proof that you have completed both driver’s education and driver’s training. Complete a California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP), if you are under 21 years old. To prepare for your appointment, gather the following paperwork:

  • Can you get a motorcycle license online?

  • Motorcycle licenses cannot be obtained online or my mail. In order to get a motorcycle license, you will need to pass a written and skills test at your local DMV. Most states offer new motorcycle licenses in the form of an endorsement on your drivers license or as a stand-alone license.