how do you leave a motorcycle club

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  • How to join a motorcycle club?

  • Become a prospect for the motorcycle club. The first step to joining a MC after you find a member and ask them how is usually to start hanging around with the club at their public social events and getting to know members.

  • What is a motorcycle riding club?

  • Riding clubs are often informal groups of people who get together to ride motorcycles. There are usually no other major commitments or requirements to be a member. You鈥檙e free to join or leave a riding club as you please. [1]

  • What happens when you want to leave a club?

  • Most club members take offense at a member wanting to leave, and sometimes brothers will cut off all contact if it creates bad vibes. Only members with exemplary service records get to leave with full respect.

  • Are women allowed in motorcycle clubs?

  • Female riders are nearly never part of an elite motorcycle club, but members are allowed to bring in girlfriends and spouses. Now, however, there are all-women motorcycle clubs in the world as well, with no men allowed. MC members have friends and family other than their motorcycle clubs.