how long are motorcycle helmets good for

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5 years

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  • How often should you replace your motorcycle helmet?

  • However, as a rule of thumb, everybody in the bike sector mentions that the best time to replace a motorcycle helmet is every five years. Why do different producers declare different life expectancies for their motorcycle helmets?

  • What does a motorcycle helmet protect you from?

  • A motorcycle helmet is an important piece of equipment for your protection as you drive when traveling. Although it does not safeguard your 100% security, it protects among the most fundamental part of your body鈥?your head.

  • What are motorcycle helmets made of?

  • The majority of motorcycle helmets and dirt bike helmets are external shells made from some sort of durable plastic, fiberglass, or carbon. These substances are one of the most durable materials found on this earth. They can last for years.