how long do you charge a motorcycle battery

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A motorcycle battery will takebetween 4 hours and up to 24 hours. The speed at which your battery charges depends on the amperage of your charger and the condition of your motorcycle鈥檚 battery. A brand new lead-acid,12-volt battery under a constant-current charge,will take 5 鈥?8 hours to charge up to 70%.

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  • How long should I Ride my Bike to charge the battery?

  • Your bike needs to be ridden at speeds that produce at least a cruising RPM of 3K in order to charge the battery. Your battery needs to regain between 13.5 and 14.5 volts to regain its charge. You are going to need to ride the bike for an extended period of time, at least a couple of hours to produce a reliable charge in the battery.

  • Can You charge a motorcycle battery with any battery charger?

  • You can charge your motorcycle battery with any charger, but, it is highly recommended that you use a charger that has an automatic mode that will switch off or switch to float mode before charging it higher than 2 amps. An unattended battery that鈥檚 allowed to charge more than 2 amps will bulge or even explode, spewing battery acid everywhere.

  • How long does it take to charge a 12-volt battery?

  • A brand new lead-acid, 12-volt battery under a constant-current charge, will take 5 鈥?8 hours to charge up to 70%. The remaining 30% will require another 7 鈥?10 hours before it is ready to install on the motorcycle.

  • What to do if your motorcycle battery is not in use?

  • When a motorcycle battery is not in use, it will lose its charge leaving you with a dead battery if you don鈥檛 maintain it properly. If you find yourself with a dead battery, you can get it back to operating condition by connecting it to a charger. Then wait. But how long does it take to charge a motorcycle battery?