how long does it take to charge a motorcycle battery

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4 to 24 hours

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  • How long does it take to charge a 12 volt motorcycle battery?

  • At least 6 hours and up to 24 hours. A brand new lead acid, 12 volt battery under a constant-current charge, will take 5 鈥?8 hours to charge up to 70%. The remaining 30% will require another 7 鈥?10 hours before it is ready to install on the motorcycle. Can you recharge a motorcycle battery?

  • How do I charge the battery of my bike?

  • With the battery located, you have two choices: i) attach the charger with the battery in the bike, or ii) remove the battery and charge it elsewhere.

  • Can You charge a motorcycle battery with a regular Charger?

  • You can charge a motorcycle battery with a standard charger, however, you will need to make sure the voltage will not exceed what the battery can handle. Delivering too strong of a charge or just delivering the charge too quickly can actually damage the battery if not worse. You might be interested: FAQ: How Kickstarter Works On Motorcycle?

  • How long does it take for a motorcycle battery to die?

  • The average motorcycle battery will die after 2 鈥?4 months without running. Newer batteries can last longer with an average of 3 鈥?5 months until dying whereas older batteries will not last as long giving it an average of 1 鈥?3 months until the battery dies while the motorcycle is sitting. Why won鈥檛 my motorcycle battery hold a charge?