how long is a pa motorcycle inspection good for

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6 month

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  • How long is a PA bike registration good for?

  • The PA inspection schedule is designed around the 6 month riding year which is May through October. If the bike is first registered with the Commonwealth during the off season, your registration will be good for a year, but the inspection will be valid for 6 months.

  • What do they look for in a PA motorcycle inspection?

  • Pennsylvania Motorcycle Inspection Just like an automobile, a motorcycle owner is required to have his bike inspected by an authorized mechanic annually. The inspector will be looking for very specific things to make sure the vehicle is safe to take to the road.

  • What is the periodic inspection schedule for motorcycles?

  • An annual system of inspections in accordance with section 4702 (relating to requirement for periodic inspection of vehicles) shall be established for motorcycles according to the following schedule: Motorcycles whose registrations expire in the months of January and July shall be inspected in the months of May, June or July.

  • Can a mechanic certify a motorcycle for road use in Pennsylvania?

  • The procedure is too lengthy to list here, but, as a general rule, mechanics are not to certify a bike for road use if it does not meet the standards in any of the above areas. Pennsylvania law does acknowledge a motorcycle endorsement from another state.