how many characters on a motorcycle license plate

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  • When did motorbike number plates start to have character sizes?

  • Character sizes on motorbike number plates before 1st September 2001, but after 1st January 1973 Glad we cleared that up鈥?But wait, for 鈥榩roper鈥?trikes, built from a motorcycle base, the rules are: Why a potentially larger vehicle has a smaller set of characters, we鈥檒l never understand.

  • What do the characters on a number plate need to be?

  • The characters on a number plate need to be a certain height and size. Read leaflet INF104: vehicle registration numbers and number plates – height and size measurement, for more information. If you have a trailer, read leaflet INF291: trailer registration numbers and number plates.

  • What is the legal space between motorcycle number plates?

  • Motorcycle number plates law states the space between characters and the margins be 11mm, as well as the space between the age identifier and random numbers be 33mm. The vertical space must be 19mm.

  • How do you read a motorcycle license plate number?

  • Your motorcycle license plate should read as follows: Two letters that refer to the region in the country where your vehicle was first registered, for example, CA for Cardiff. Two numbers that tell you when it was issued 鈥?51 means 2001, 56 2006, 61 2011, etc. Three letters chosen at random.