how many miles can a motorcycle last

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40,000 miles

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  • How long will my motorcycle last?

  • However, the answer is relative, meaning that the longevity of your bike will depend on how you treat and maintain your motorcycle. Consider the following: Almost every rider you鈥檒l come across fears the number 20,000 鈥?the mileage at which your bike is supposed to last up to.

  • How many miles can a bike last on its stock engine?

  • You can expect any bike to last ~100k miles (161k km ) on its stock engine easy enough of its maintained halfway decently. Keep in mind It鈥檚 not the km鈥檚 that kill most bikes, it is wrecks and neglect/abuse.

  • Do motorcycles with low mileage have more value?

  • In terms of value, yes, a bike with lower mileage tends to be worth more than a bike that鈥檚 racking up miles. However, a regularly serviced motorcycle with no known engine or other issues with a ton of miles is always a better option than a bike with a sketchy history and only a couple thousand miles.

  • How many miles will an oil change last on a motorcycle?

  • After all, you wouldn鈥檛 expect a bike that goes tens of thousands of miles between oil changes to last for as many miles as a well-cared-for motorcycle. Keeping up with regular engine maintenance can ensure your bike keeps humming along no matter what the miles suggest.