how many miles does a motorcycle last

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100,000 miles

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  • How long do motorcycles last?

  • In general, it can be said that if they have been periodically reviewed and have been appropriately maintained, motorcycles can last between 12 and 15 years, approximately, as long as it has not suffered accidents of any kind, falls, or significant blows. Once this time is passed, you can begin to think of replacing the bike.

  • Do motorcycles with low mileage have more value?

  • In terms of value, yes, a bike with lower mileage tends to be worth more than a bike that鈥檚 racking up miles. However, a regularly serviced motorcycle with no known engine or other issues with a ton of miles is always a better option than a bike with a sketchy history and only a couple thousand miles.

  • How many miles will an oil change last on a motorcycle?

  • After all, you wouldn鈥檛 expect a bike that goes tens of thousands of miles between oil changes to last for as many miles as a well-cared-for motorcycle. Keeping up with regular engine maintenance can ensure your bike keeps humming along no matter what the miles suggest.

  • How many miles should a motorcycle have before it is worth buying?

  • You can reasonably expect a motorcycle with 40,000 miles, an impeccable service record, and a clean body to be worth purchasing, even though some riders would judge the bike as being high mileage.