how many spray cans to paint a motorcycle

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  • How many spray cans do you need to paint a car?

  • For you to do this, you will need at least 20 spray cans. This will be enough to spray the entire car with several coats so that the paint can stick firmly. You can also use 10 cans of spray paint if you are on a budget.

  • Can you paint a motorcycle with spray paint?

  • The answer to that question is 鈥測es鈥? To prove it, Eastwood鈥檚 Kevin S. decided to paint his motorcycle with spray paint by using Eastwood鈥檚 2k Aero-Spray Epoxy Primer and 2k Aero-Spray Ceramic Underhood Black .

  • Can you paint a motorcycle tank with aerosol?

  • Painting a motorcycle tank isn鈥檛 as complicated as some may think, but there are a few things to think about before you paint. Since motorcycle tanks are so round the spray pattern from the can is able to blend perfectly. Since body panels on cars are so large and flat I would NEVER recommend someone using aerosol on a car. Why Use an Aerosol?

  • How many cans of spray paint do I need for E250?

  • An extended Ford E250 takes around 22x500ml cans of spray paint, and the Ford E250 is one of the largest vans available, as it has an extended rear space, so you can expect to not need any more than 22 cans of spray paint for your van.