how much co2 does a motorcycle emit

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  • How much CO2 does a motorcycle produce?

  • A $15 grand car on average generates 9.41 metric tonnes of CO2-equivalent during construction. A $15 grand motorcycle generates 13.7. It’s the same kind of thing when I looked at toxic releases: motorcycles were worse than cars. These results are crazy, huh?

  • How much CO2 does your car really emit?

  • But actually driving your car is what really bumps up greenhouse gas emissions, of course. Considering the average road use of European car drivers, different fuel types and average occupation, and adding emissions from production, driving a car emits about 271 g CO2 per passenger-kilometer.

  • Do motorcycles have worse emissions than cars?

  • I looked it up and was surprised to learn that motorcycles scooters often have worse emissions than cars, even though they get better gas mileage. The reason is motorcycles and scooters have worse pollution control standards, so even though they emit less CO2, the emissions of more potent greenhouse gases count for more than the CO2 emissions.

  • How much CO2 does cycling produce in Europe?

  • A study by the European Cyclists Federation ( ECF) that compares the CO2 produced by cycling with other modes of transport concludes that Europe could reduce its overall emissions by one quarter if its population cycled as regularly as the Danes. According to the report cycling is responsible for CO2 emissions of 21g per km.