how much do motorcycle shops charge per hour

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  • How much does it cost to service a motorcycle?

  • The Typical Cost of Servicing Your Motorcycle. Just as new and used motorcycle values differentiate in price, so will the exact cost of servicing your bike. A good rule is to expect to pay around $800 to $1,500 a year to maintain your ride, depending on the driving you do, the motorcycle you own, the environment you keep it in, and so on.

  • Does motorcycle mechanics work cost more than car mechanics?

  • Is motorcycle mechanics work cost more than car work? I talked to a few shops about getting some work done, and they said that they can’t rtell me how long it will take (hooking up electrical assembly), but that they would charge me $90/hour. I thought that the basic rate was around $70 when I got my car worked on just a few months ago.

  • How much do you charge to work on other peoples bikes?

  • Go to a dirt bike race and ask someone who they use and if they have a number GEEEEZ where do you guys live ?? I thought shop rates were high at my dealers @ $50 per hour, thats why I use my buddies shop @ $35 per hour When I work on other peoples bikes (OPB’s) I charge $40/hr.

  • How much do you charge for shop rates?

  • Don’t be afraid to test the waters yourself. That’s how you learn. Then, you can charge others whatever the heck you want! BTW, Shop rates around here vary from $70/hr to $90/hr. And most of the guys doing the work are younger than my kids.