how much do motorcycles cost uk

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  • How much do bikes cost in the UK?

  • Prices begin from 150 for small to medium-sized bikes, again up to Suzuki GSXR1100 in size. Beyond this, our prices begin from 180 for Hayabusa, ZZR1400 and other similar bikes of the same size or above.

  • How much does motorcycle transport cost in the UK?

  • When it comes to the short routes, the main factor that influences the price is the time transport provider needs to allocate for getting to the pick-up location, loading and unloading. The number of miles is not the main factor, that impacts the price. The average cost of motorcycle transport up to 200 miles is 54 . 2. Between 200 鈥?300 miles

  • How much does it cost to register a motorcycle in the UK?

  • Registering a new motorcycle will cost you a one-time fee of 55 鈥攁 fee that’s paid only once by the first owner when it’s initially registered. There’s no fee to transfer ownership if you buy a used bike.

  • How much does it cost to service a motorcycle?

  • Motorcycle service is usually cheaper for bikes with smaller engine capacities. For example, Honda charges 375 for 3 services for motorbikes up to 250cc; 599 for 3 services for bikes 251cc 鈥?800cc; and 675 for bikes over 800cc. Doing a periodic service will help keep your motorcycle in top condition.