how much does a used motorcycle cost

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$4,000 to $10,000

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  • How much does a new motorcycle cost?

  • The cost of new motorcycles ranges from the $2,499 Honda Metropolitan to the $78,000 BMW HP4 Race. The average cost of all 353 new motorcycles for sale this year is $15,867.

  • Where can I find motorcycle prices?

  • The most trustworthy place online to find motorcycle prices is the actual manufacturer鈥檚 website. New models are added and taken away from lineups every year, so for the most up to date information on a specific model of motorcycle just go directly to the manufacturer鈥檚 site.

  • Is it worth it to buy a used motorcycle?

  • As long as you go through your research and handle the paperwork correctly, buying a used motorcycle makes a lot of sense. You can get an outstanding bike for well under $10,000, and if you buy from an affordable area, can find something you might not be able to afford where you live.

  • Do you have to pay road tax for a motorcycle?

  • You will have to pay road tax for the motorcycle in your state as well as get a NOC (or No Objection Certificate) from the state in which the bike is registered. The type of bike you are searching for will alter the price a bit, naturally.