how much down payment for a motorcycle

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If you are just getting started and are trying to plan for a typical credit situation… Plan on10%-20%. Most typical Harley-Davidson loans will require 10%-20% down. This means that if you are buying a $10,000 motorcycle you should plan on putting $1,000-$2,000 down.

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  • Should you buy a used motorcycle with a bigger down payment?

  • The bigger your down payment is, the less you鈥檒l have to pay through monthly payments. Still, there鈥檚 a catch to this because buying new and used bikes isn鈥檛 the same. First of all, used motorcycles are often sold privately where people don鈥檛 offer to finance. In this case, you鈥檒l have to get a bank loan which isn鈥檛 always as easy to get.

  • How do I determine my motorcycle loan payment?

  • Use our motorcycle loan calculator to find a payment that fits your budget. Use this calculator to help you determine your motorcycle loan payment or your motorcycle purchase price. After you have entered your current information, use the graph options to see how different loan terms or down payments can impact your monthly payment.

  • How much is the monthly payment for a motorcycle?

  • Motorcycle payment is $525.52 per month. This entry is Required. indicates required. Monthly payment for your motorcycle financing. This is the total cost of your motorcycle purchase. Include the cost of the vehicle, additional options and destination charges. Don’t include sales tax in this amount.

  • Should you take a higher or lower motorcycle loan payment?

  • If you鈥檙e on the fence about a higher or lower payment, go with the lower payment and pay more toward the loan principal when you can. Here鈥檚 a motorcycle loan calculatorto help you play with numbers.