how to align rear wheel motorcycle

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To adjust your wheel alignment, you鈥檙e first going to need to get yourbike vertical. You can either accomplish this with a wheel chock, center stand, or a rear stand, as long as your bike stays straight. No, your buddy sitting on the bike won鈥檛 work.

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  • Why is rear wheel alignment important for motorcycles?

  • More About MillennialDIYer Next to tire pressure and chain lubrication, chain tension (slack) and rear wheel alignment are among the most ignored simple maintenance tasks. This despite it being a major factor for both the longevity of the chain and tire, the motorcycles handling, as well as basic safety.

  • How to check a bike鈥檚 front wheel alignment?

  • From this angle, look at the front wheel again. There should be a small gap between the rope and the trailing edge of the front tire; that gap should be equal on both sides. Sight down the bike from one side then the other.

  • How do you use a tire alignment string?

  • When the string is taut against the rear-tire sidewalls and pulled straight forward, it will form a reference for the rear wheel’s alignment, in effect projecting the angle of the tire toward the front. Now, with the string still carefully positioned, see how it looks against the front tire.

  • How do you straighten the front wheel on a bike?

  • Get your bike as vertical as possible (like on a center stand or swingarm stand) and run the rods through the axle holes, leaving a foot or so sticking out on each side. Now get your front wheel as straight as possible with respect to the bike frame.