how to be a better motorcycle rider

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5 tips to help you be a better motorcycle riderSafety first means gearing up. We鈥檝e been hearing a lot about the importance of personal protection equipment (PPE) in the last several weeks,bringing greater awareness to how essential …Practice makes perfect. Motorcycle riding is often called a sport. …Know your motorcycle. …Ride your own motorcycle. …Ride sober. …

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  • What should you do when riding a motorcycle?

  • The one who is driving the motorcycle does their best to stay out of the way of any potential danger, but at the same time they need to keep their eyes on the road and watch where they鈥檙e going. Be mindful of merging cars, upcoming stop signs or lights, pedestrians, etc. just as you would if you were the one driving.

  • Should you tell your motorcycle driver when you鈥檙e uncomfortable?

  • If you鈥檙e ever a passenger and become uncomfortable, whether that be due to the driver鈥檚 skills or some other reasons, you should tell your fellow rider that you鈥檙e uncomfortable and need to stop. Riding a motorcycle is so much fun and you don鈥檛 want to ruin your experience by feeling uncomfortable while you鈥檙e riding.

  • How to be a good passenger on a motorcycle?

  • 21 Tips On How To Be A Good Motorcycle Passenger. 1. Wear a Helmet. 2. Wear a Jacket. 3. Wear Ankle-Covering Shoes. 4. Wear Long Pants. 5. Don鈥檛 Wiggle.

  • Can you ride a motorcycle without a driver?

  • And since the driver is holding on to the handlebars and you鈥檙e holding on to the driver, you can guarantee you won鈥檛 be going anywhere without the driver. This is especially important if the motorcycle you鈥檙e riding does not have a back rest or back support to catch you.