how to camp on a motorcycle

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  • Can you go camping on a motorcycle?

  • When you take along your tent and sleeping bag, you are able to breathe the outside air, not only during the day but also at night. Breathing the air outside, that’s one of the most attractive aspects of motorcycle riding. In short, camping is a pleasant activity, and it fits perfectly to a vacation on motorcycle.

  • How to prepare for a motorcycle camping trip?

  • Let鈥檚 get you on your way to having a great camping trip with your motorcycle. Preparing for a motorcycle camping trip involves more than just creative packing. There are a number of considerations that you will want to have covered before setting off. Planning is everything! Carefully consider the following: 1. How Long Do You Plan to Be Gone?

  • Why koa motorcycle camping?

  • KOA makes it possible get away on a motorcycle camping trip with or without a large pack full of camping gear. Whatever way you choose to enjoy a vacation on your bike, you will find that KOA is the perfect place to spend it!

  • How to choose a tent for motorcycle camping?

  • When you are a first-time camper, or start doing camping vacations on motorcycle, you’d better buy a tent that’s not too expensive: the only way to find out what you really need is by using your tent during motorcycle vacations: it’s different for everyone. There are shops were you can buy last year’s models, for low prices.