how to change brake fluid on motorcycle

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Slowly release the brake and watch the fluid leave the pipe. Then tighten the drain screw before releasing the handle. Replacingbrakefluid- Repeat this action until new fluid appears in the pipe, without any air bubbles.

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  • How do you put brake fluid in the back of a car?

  • Crack and squeeze Crack the nipple carefully while applying pressure to the brake lever. Tighten the nipple and let go of the lever. Repeat this until you see a clear stream of bubble-free fluid in the transparent part of the tube, then pump the fluid through, stopping to tighten the nipple every time.

  • Do I need to change my motorbike鈥檚 brake fluid?

  • Changing your motorbike鈥檚 brake fluid is a relatively easy DIY job. It may be hidden from view, but the liquid inside your bike鈥檚 braking system should never be taken for granted. Over time the fluid degrades and overall performance can be affected, so regular changes are vital.

  • How do you fix a leaking brake fluid master cylinder?

  • Top up with fresh fluid Add fresh brake fluid as the level inside the master cylinder reduces with each pump of the lever. Sometimes the process can be sped up by having your brake lever span adjusted to its maximum. Don鈥檛 move the lever too quickly or it could pop the bleed pipe off and spit fluid everywhere.

  • How do I know if my disc brake fluid is bad?

  • Watch for a colour change Fresh fluid looks lighter than old fluid, so when you see a colour change in the bleed kit鈥檚 transparent pipe, tighten the nipple up, check the master cylinder level is okay and release the lever. Most bikes have twin discs on the front, so the opposite caliper will need the same technique to flush out the old fluid.