how to check motorcycle compression without a tester

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  • How to do a compression test on a motorcycle?

  • How to do a Compression Test on a Motorcycle. To run a compression test on your motorcycle engine: Remove all of the spark plugs. Turn off the ignition or ground the spark plugs. Insert the pressure gauge hose fitting into the spark plug hole of the cylinder you want to test first.

  • How do you check the PSI of a compression tester?

  • Check the compression tester for the value recorded. Reset the compression tester gauge and repeat the test 3-5 more times to check for consistent results. Write down the PSI of each test in a maintenance log so that you can look back at them the next time you perform a compression test.

  • What is the best way to test a motorcycle engine?

  • There are two different ways that you can test the engine, warm or cold. 鈥淭hey say鈥?the test should be done after the engine is warmed up. This allows for the bike to reach operating temperature and give a more accurate compression test.

  • How important is the compression test on a starter?

  • The stress on the Electric Starter is far less so a smaller, lighter Electric Starter can be used. This test is one of the most important tests you can make. Time and time again, I see people work for hours trying to get an engine to run or to run good. I ask Did you run a compression test?