how to compression test a motorcycle

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A Compression Test is pretty easy to perform – justthread it into the spark plug hole on the cylinder headOnce attached, open the throttle (and keep it open) and kick start the engine over and over until the compressor gauge reaches peak pressure.

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  • How do you check compression on a motorcycle without a gauge?

  • If you don鈥檛 have a compression gauge, you can run a poor-man鈥檚 compression test by holding your thumb on top of the spark plug hole. If you鈥檙e able to keep your thumb on the hole while you turn the engine over, your engine has low compression. To run a compression test on your motorcycle engine: Remove all of the spark plugs.

  • How many PSI should a motorcycle compression test be?

  • Interpretation of Motorcycle Engine Compression Test Result: (1) The final result should be between 125 to 150 PSI per cylinder (refer to your motorcycle service manual for a more precise specification), and (2) On a multi-cylinder engine, the reading for each cylinder should be within 10 PSI of any other cylinder.

  • How to test compression on a dirt bike?

  • Hold the throttle wide open (twist the throttle all the way back). Kick the kick-starter over quickly with 5 strong kicks (only test on a cold engine that hasn鈥檛 been run in the past 6 hours). Check the compression PSI number of the tester gauge. It鈥檚 really that simple to test the compression on your dirt bike.

  • What is a compression test on a car engine?

  • A compression test measures the peak pressure in the engine鈥檚 cylinder as the engine is turning over or a reduced cylinder pressure value if the engine has a decompression system. There are two different ways that you can test the engine, warm or cold. 鈥淭hey say鈥?the test should be done after the engine is warmed up.