how to do a valve adjustment on a motorcycle

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The side that is in position for adjustmentwill have both valvesclosed. Rock the crankshaft back and forth, and one side will show the rocker arms moving, and the other side won鈥檛 move at all. The one that does move is the one. Another way is to rotate the pushrods with your fingers.

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  • How do you adjust valves on a dirt bike?

  • Adjusting valves is not as complicated as it sounds on most dirt bikes. The most time consuming part is often just removing other parts to get access to the top of the cylinder head. A 4 stroke dirt bike that has a rocker arm/tappet valve train is pretty simple to adjust.

  • How often should I adjust the valves on my motorcycle?

  • Refer to your motorcycle service manual for the exact schedule of when to adjust your valve clearance. However, many bikes will typically recommended adjusting the valves every 3,000 to 10,000 miles.

  • How do you Mark mechanical adjustments on a motorcycle?

  • For mechanical adjustments, you鈥檒l use the T mark. How important is valve adjustment on a motorcycle? Valve clearance is an important component of a smooth running motorcycle engine.

  • How do you set valve clearances on a motorcycle?

  • Checking and setting your valve clearances should be a regular part of your motorcycle maintenance routine. When adjusting the camshaft, ignition, and valves you鈥檒l refer to the timing marks on your engine鈥檚 spark advancer. For anything ignition related, you鈥檒l typically refer to the F mark. For mechanical adjustments, you鈥檒l use the T mark.