how to get a good deal on a motorcycle

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  • How to negotiate with a motorcycle dealer?

  • Look up the motorcycle online from the factory site to see what the actual cost of the vehicle is. This is a good figure to know, otherwise you are not going to know how much to negotiate. Wait for the motorcycle dealer to name the first price. Typically, the individual who names the first price ends up with the raw end of the deal.

  • Should you buy a motorcycle from a dealer?

  • You鈥檙e not just buying a bike 鈥?you鈥檙e choosing a motorcycle dealer. The one with great service, good inventory, and friendly people who hustle for you will not be the cheapest, but it probably will be the best value. Sure, you want to be a good customer, but don鈥檛 forget that many salesman will take as much as they can from a willing victim.

  • What to do if you make an offer on a motorcycle?

  • If your offer was the only one, they risk not receiving another offer at all. 5. Close the deal. If you are adamant about purchasing a motorcycle, don鈥檛 be shy, close in on the deal.

  • How do I choose a motorcycle?

  • First, begin your motorcycle search. Start by selecting the make and model you鈥檙e most interested in. Then, compare each bike鈥檚 price and condition. Lastly, narrow down your selection to two or three sellers/dealers selling that bike. Choosing three bikes of the same make and model will give you a more accurate comparison.