how to get a good deal on a motorcycle

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Conduct Research. Check out the manufacturer鈥檚 website before you enter the dealership. …Prepare to Shop. Get pre-approved for financing at your bank or credit union before you start hitting the motorcycle lots.Negotiate a Deal. Hold back from telling the salesperson everything about yourself until you learn more about the dealership,its bikes and the service department.Other Considerations. Wait until the end of the month to get your new ride. You鈥檒l have a couple things going in your favor.

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  • What makes a motorcycle dealer a 鈥済ood deal鈥?

  • A 鈥済ood deal鈥?is never measured in just dollars and cents. A dealer that has to run understaffed, undereducated, and understocked to keep churning out those low, low new bike prices might not be the dealer you actually want to shop at. You鈥檙e not just buying a bike 鈥?you鈥檙e choosing a motorcycle dealer.

  • How to negotiate for a used motorcycle?

  • When it comes to the art of negotiating for a used motorcycle, there is no substitute for being an educated buyer. When negotiating the purchase price for a used bike, have a set price in mind and stick with it. Once a price has been attained for a bike in excellent shape, take the bike for a spin.

  • What to do when buying a used bike from a dealer?

  • Stick with the price you believe is fair market value for the bike and be prepared to leave if the dealer won鈥檛 come down enough in price to suit your needs. The more time the dealer invests in working with you, the better your odds are at arriving at a reasonable price.

  • What should you look for when buying a motorcycle?

  • Once a price has been attained for a bike in excellent shape, take the bike for a spin. Look it over closely. Ask the owner if he did regular maintenance like oil changes and lube jobs. In addition, make sure everything is in order like a clear title and current inspection.