how to get illinois motorcycle permit

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Make an appointment at your nearest IL Secretary of State (SOS) office location to apply for your permit,and provide the following:Proof of identification and residency.An application for a Class L or M permit.Proof of enrollment in an IDOT motorcycle training course (see below).Payment for the applicable permit fee.

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  • Do you need a license to drive a motorcycle in Illinois?

  • Motorcycle License in Illinois. Introduction. All licenses in Illinois are handled by the IL Secretary of State (SOS) office. In order to legally operate a motorcycle in Illinois, you must have a valid Illinois Class M license or permit.

  • How do I get a permit to drive in Illinois?

  • To obtain your permit, go to your local IL SOS Driver Services office and: Present your IL driver’s license (if applicable). Present proof of identification and Illinois residency (if you do not yet have an IL driver’s license). Submit a permit application.

  • How to prepare for the Illinois motorcycle permit test?

  • How to Prepare for the Illinois Motorcycle Permit Test The best way to start preparing for the permit test is to get a hold of the Illinois Motorcycle Operator Manual. It contains the precise content that would be tested in the written permit test. The amount of information in the handbook may seem overwhelming at first.

  • How do I apply for a motorcycle permit?

  • You can apply for a motorcycle permit by visiting a Driver Services Facility office location of the SOS in person. Be sure to bring your current license, a form of payment and any documentation that may be necessary for verifying a name or address change.