how to get into riding motorcycles

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  • How to get on a motorcycle?

  • Get on the bike. To properly get on your bike, face the motorcycle from the left side. Grab the left handlebar, and swing your right leg over the seat. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. The best way to get to know how a bike operates is to sit on it and go over the functions of the controls before starting it up.

  • Is it hard to ride a motorcycle?

  • If you are reading these instructions, chances are you want to get into the world of riding a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is not as difficult as people think. DANGER: Riding is a very dangerous activity, so keep that in mind every time you ride and ride within your limits.

  • How to drive a motorcycle in 1st gear?

  • First pull the clutch lever in, then use your left foot to shift down to first gear, and then slowly release the clutch lever, and at the same time gradually roll on the throttle. Now the bike should start moving and you can release the clutch all the way and give a little more throttle.

  • Can you ride a motorbike in a road race with a licence?

  • If you have an Unrestricted A Motorbike Licence, you can ride in any class, dependent on your ACU licence. But even without a full Unrestricted A licence you can get a Road Race licence, however your age then comes into it. To see a full breakdown of the age limits and the bike sizes that you can ride, follow the link.