how to hook helmet on motorcycle

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A lot of motorcycles come with helmet hooks under the passenger seat. There are a couple of ways to use this hook, but the best way is to hook theD-ring on your helmet strap over the hook, rest your helmet on the side of your bike, then secure the seat.

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  • How to put a helmet on a motorcycle seat?

  • One solution for this is to take the hooks off the cargo net. Remove the seat and hook one side of the cargo net under the rear seat and secure the seat back on the bike. Next, place helmet on seat and stretch the net over the helmet.

  • How to lock a motorcycle helmet?

  • The helmet lock is made to fasten your helmet to your motorcycle. And the most suitable way to secure your helmet is to mount it to the part of the bike that is not removable. Locking your helmet with a motorcycle helmet lock is simple. Pass the rubber-coated cable through the bottom of your helmet, and out through the visor.

  • How do I attach my helmet to the net?

  • To use, just place the helmet on your bike鈥檚 pillion seat, place the net over it and tightly secure it to your bike via the hooks.

  • How do you attach a helmet strap to a bike?

  • If your bike has handholds or a rear grab bar, attach the helmet strap through it. Get it as tight as possible to prevent it from moving around while you ride. Keep in mind that it may end up rubbing against your bike鈥檚 body, which can scratch your paint job.