how to install bluetooth on motorcycle helmet

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Once you have your motorcycle helmet and have located the BT adapter, you can begin your installation. If it is not supplied with a handle, you will need topull the BT plug from the rear side of your helmet. If you are using an old style helmet, slide the adapter into the slot at the top rear corner.

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  • Can you put a Bluetooth headset on a motorcycle helmet?

  • When planning to install the headset onto your helmet, look for various headset models that go well with your helmet type. Not all Bluetooth headsets can fit well onto your helmet. Do consider the Bluetooth headsets and the speakers for your ride.

  • How to put a microphone on a motorcycle helmet?

  • At the side of the helmet鈥檚 position, place the microphone and the amplifier onto the helmet. This should preserve the Bluetooth headset. When doing this step, the microphone should line up to the wearer鈥檚 mouth. You can indicate the area with the help of a pencil.

  • How to install Bluetooth speakers in a helmet?

  • Once you have found a suitable spot to install the Bluetooth, cut out the foam for speakers. To do this step is to use a knife and cut out the foam liner around your ears. It must fit the helmet in a similar way before installing the speakers. Cut out the foam around the speakers.

  • How does a motorcycle headset work?

  • The headset is mounted on the left side of the helmet to free the right hand. In this helmet, the wires pass underneath the helmet, and they鈥檙e connected to other wires in the helmet. You can have flat speakers that stick out of the helmet or just earphone piece. Small size microphones are connected near the mouth area to aid speaking while riding.