how to install sirius radio on a motorcycle

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  • Where to install an XM Radio module on a motorcycle?

  • If you are considering purchasing an XM radio module for your motorcycle do not waste your time and add stress levels by allowing them (or yourself) to install the antenna in the default location. Install the antenna on the dash from the start; it will work a whole lot better and you will be happier with the reception you receive!

  • Does the XM Satellite Radio work on the ultra limited?

  • As mentioned in my posts regarding my early impression on our new motorcycle, the Ultra Limited, the XM Satellite radio reception was bad at best . It was so bad that I was considering having it removed and asking for my money back (not really sure how that would have worked out).

  • How do I install the XM module on my boom?

  • Installing the module is very easy. You remove a plate on the rear of the Boom unit and slide the XM module into space made for the module. The module is held in place with two screws.

  • Should Harley-Davidson add a buffer in the radio?

  • Now the only time I lose reception is when there is a mountain or heavy foliage blocking the southern sky. I still think Harley Davidson should install a buffer in the radio to allow for those short drops when they occur. I don鈥檛 think a 4-10 second buffer would increase the price of the radio beyond what people are willing to pay.