how to keep rain off motorcycle helmet visor

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Chamois cloth

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  • How do I protect my helmet visor from rain?

  • Products like Rain-X Original Glass Treatment are designed to repel water glass surfaces. Wipe your visor with it before you go riding, and store some in a small bottle in case you need to clean the shield of ice, debris or bugs while on the road. It’s impossible for your helmet’s visor to remain rain-free when you’re on the road in a storm.

  • What should I do if my motorcycle visor gets wet?

  • If you haven’t waterproofed your visor and you’re caught in a storm without any of the aforementioned tools, wipe the visor with your riding gloves. Also, if you turn your head to the side for a few seconds, the wind will blow the rain off the visor.

  • How to use rain repellent for motorcycle gear?

  • Rain-X is the most widely used water repellent product. squeegee blades that are attached to the finger of the gloves. With this, you can wipe out the rain droplets on the visor of the helmet. You can also buy these rubber blades as many as you wish.You can also keep extra in your motorbike gear.

  • How do rain repellent visors work?

  • This type of sprays creates a barrier between the visor rain/fog. This barrier keeps off the raindrops from the visor. The substances of these sprays interact with water like oils, making the visor water repellent. The advantage of these sprays is portability.