how to keep your motorcycle from getting stolen

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How To Keep Your Motorcycle From Being StolenAlways Lock Your Ignition SteeringKeep Your Key (s) On You At All TimesKeep Your Motorcycle In A Storage UnitPark In Smart PositionsKeep An Eye On Your MotorcycleHave Unique Indicators On Your MotorcycleInvest In Locks Alarms

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  • How do you lock up a motorcycle to prevent theft?

  • Steps Take advantage of your bike’s built-in lock, but only as an extra obstacle for thieves. Even though these locks are easy to break into, they should still be used in conjunction with other methods of protection. Include disc brake locks as part of your protection against thieves stealing your motorcycle.

  • Is it easy for a motorcycle to get stolen?

  • Unfortunately, because of their size, they often become a target for theft and some owners make it easy for them to get stolen. If you own a motorcycle, it鈥檚 important you take the proper safety measures to ensure it never gets stolen. All it takes is a few seconds and a thief could have that motorcycle gone before you know it.

  • How do you keep your bike from getting stolen?

  • If possible, park it somewhere that is not easily accessible. If it’s hard to get to or move the bike from, it will be less of a target. The little extra inconvenience to you can be worth it.

  • How are motorcycles stolen from apartments?

  • Thieves know tenants park their motorcycles in the parking lot overnight which gives them the perfect scenario to steal it. The most common and simplest way a thief steals a motorcycle is simply putting it in neutral and rolling it away to a place where they feel safe tinkering with it to get it started.